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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. in light of what is happening in colorado, we will show you how firefighters in california are preparing for this year's fire season. and the budget, the reason they need voters on their side to make it all work. complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. >> well, good morning, it is june 27th, welcome to a brand- new day, i am dave clark. now some fog seems to be hugging the san mateo coast and it seems temperatures are warming up and no doubt about it, we are running warmer on the overnight lows and we have a few upper 80s inland. here is sal. good morning, westbound traffic looks good as you drive through there are no major problems, traffic looks to be moving along well. also this morning, san francisco approaching the 880 split, a nice looking drive to the downtown exits. we have had a problem which caught fire near a busy freeway and alex savage has more on what happened, alex?
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>> luckily the driver of that big-rig went up in flames and he is okay and he got hurt. here is the scene behind us and you can see traffic is flowing and two of the lanes on the off ramp is flowing by after they came in and knocked down this fire. we want to show you this scene. open firefighters moved in, huge flames and smoke coming in from this big-rig, it was essentially just the engine and cab, hopefully the fire did not spread. the driver said he was on 880 with his load when he heard a loud noise, he quickly pulled off the truck, the truck went up in flames and we were able to talk with a man and here is what he saw. >> then you come around here and obviously you are hoping whoever was inside of it got
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out and that's your concern? >> yes, yes, i think he did, the guy d. >> reporter: a tow truck is on its way to come and take away the big-rig and the trailer as well and hopefully clear all the lanes of the market street off ramp and the trailer was not impacted by the fire and the trailer is actually intact and we understand the goods inside should be salvageable. live in oakland ktvu channel 2 morning news. and in overnight news, police are searching for a gunman who shot a young man with an assault weapon. this driveby shooting happened with an ak-47 or something similar. the man is now listed in very serious condition. they are still not clear about what led to the attack.
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they continue to sir much for the -- search for the gunman. they are looking for possible sex offenders praying on kids. this is just a precaution and there have been no incidents since the county fair opened last wednesday. >> the word gets out because they are watching for you, they are looking for you and if you do anything they are going to arrest you and take you to jail. the driver facing felony charges return to tort this morning. they charged him for the horrible accident on sick more road. he got behind the wheel with a serious medical condition which made it very dangerous for him to drive and that constitutes gross negligence.
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a judge will set the trial date today. in utah one woman was found dead in one of the areas that was evacuated because of the fires. dry hot weather is making it very hard for firefighters to battle these flames. all of utah and much of wyoming and montana are under red flag warnings because of extreme fire danger. in the meantime, they are blamed for a wildfire in pendleton. they are helping ground crews battle flames which broke out yesterday afternoon. so far they have burned and there is 80 percent contained. they are closing doors and windows because of all that heavy smoke. back here at home, local firefighters are bracing for another tough and drawn out fire season. hot dry windy conditions can
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trigger fires like the ones we have been talking about. tara moriarty is in santa rosa with more details about how cal fire will be getting ready for summer, tara? >> reporter: this is the spot from which call fire deploys. they will be state not federal and they do use a lot of the same equipment. this is an air tanker and it holds up to 12 gallons of fire retardant and they go up to 500 miles per hour. this is what is being used to tackle that stubborn fire in colorado springs. it has forced mandatory evacuations because of the destruction of homes. all of theee situation orders -- evacuation orders affected
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as many as 32,000 residents. we spoke to cal fire about what sort of mode they have to go to when that sort of thing happens. >> in general when a fire crosses the line we have to do everything that is safe to do so it does not burn more acreage and threaten more homes. so there is a bulldozer to cut a line and we will use aircraft to try to stop the flames... >> reporter: now the fire in colorado has become the number one priority and now we have gotten off to a busy start. we will tell you what firefighters have to say about their predictions but they say it is tough to predict what a fire season is like. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the new state legislature can sign them at the end of the
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day. starting just first, -- starting july 1st, it depends on governor brown's budget and if it is rejected, several things will be cut. the city council voted last night in favor of the move and coming up at 6:15, people in stockton say the city is abandoning them. and you can wake up with k tv u, -- k tv u, get it send straight to your cell phone. you can get it by texting the wake up by texting 70123. people will be waking up to a very nice comforting voice. sal, you are watching the toll plaza, aren't you?
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>> we are. if you are trying to drive from oakland to san francisco. at this time we have the big right sun and in fact you can z- pak up is short and 880 is off to a decent start as you drive northbound getting to the coliseum and beyond that no major problems. westbound 4 at bailey road, just had a crash reported with the fire department and paramedics on the way so that one came in as we were talking which popped up and for contra coster county, brand-new crash with a fire department on the way and we will let you know more about that coming up. traffic is a little busy but not stop and go just yet. let's go to steve. thank you, san mateo it is here, that's it but by the way
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water temperatures which were really cold have come up and now they are 52 to 48 and they are on the cold side but not as cold as it was. santa rosa, they both checked in at 78 and that's at the sonoma county airport closer to 82 but it will be in the same ballpark. 84 after yesterday's 79 and we will go 80 today. not much of a breeze, that is assure sign it will be warmer put it is starting to decrease. a lot of low-to-mid 50s, just a system which will be the fog enhancer and there is some patchy fog, afternoon sea breeze, temperatures away from the coast, this is not a big area of high pressure, we are
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getting back near average which is 10 to 15 degrees below average, 80s around the interior, you can see some of those 80s starting to wrap in, 60s and 70s around the bay, caster valley martinez 81, 78 in milpitas, 78 sunny veil, redwood city palo alto 79 and daily city 64 going for the sweep, carry a jacket, breeze can kick up but it looks nice to me. here comes the cooling trend, fog will take over and there is a slight rebound on the temperatures, sunday, sunday, sunday. the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi, what it will take for eliana lopez to
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fly back from venezuela. also a plan to prevent the interest rates of student loans from down willing on the first of july. take a look at this colorful adds, it is sparking the threat of a boycott.
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. welcome back. craft posted this image on facebook stuffed with rainbow colors saying proudly support love. now the image has received more likes and 20,000 comments and some people now are vowing now to by could the the brand. and near minneapolis, the company is under fire saying it is against a constitutional marriage banning same sex marriage in minnesota. now people are boycott being general mills products. and unless congress takes action to stop it from happening, allison burns has reports of a last minute deal,
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allison? >> reporter: dave house speaker john boehner says they have an agreement for 7.5 million students will double beginning this weekend but under the deal the rates will stay at 3.4% for another year. democrats are crediting president barack obama. >> he has been working with leaders in congress to ensure students will not pay the extra thousand dollars. >> reporter: president barack obama visited college campuses urging congress to act, but lawmakers have been divided over how to pay for it and republicans have accused him of over politicizing the debate. house leaders are meeting about it this morning. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well another strange turn in the case of sheriff ross mirkarimi. sheriff ross mirkarimi's wife is ready to fly back here from
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venezuela to testify in person at her husband misconduct hearing but only if they pay for her plane tickets. eliana lopez wants san francisco to pick up the tab for a round trip air ticket which could cost as much as $2,000. he simply does not have that money. 3 police departments are having a boost from the justice department. they will receive $3.6 million from a federal grant. they plan to hire 9 new officers and in alameda county will receive nearly 2 million. 220 department the across the country are policing the federal grant. today the city of stockton is expected to make history. it will become the largest to
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ever file for bankruptcy protection. and good morning, mike. right now city crews are out and they are washing the dirt and grime off the sidewalks from yesterday but there is no wiping away this headline, bankrupt. >> reporter: last night city leaders did make it official putting stockton on the irreversible course for bankruptcy, take a look, it was a 6- 1 vote and they adopted a budget specifically designed to keep city services optional during the bankruptcy production process. what is interesting is, it eliminates medical benefits for retirees who have been relying on benefits and those will be eliminated ultimately under this budget and as you have imagined, a line of city
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employees, they took the council to task last night, listen. >> you sit there every meeting and pat yourself on the back on how brave you are making these tough decisions, but you are not brave. you failed, you failed the city and you failed all of these people. >> reporter: back here live in stockton as workers clean up for a new day here in stockton it will be a new day in binghamton court and that's where they will -- new day in bankruptcy court and that's where they will do that and stockton will be the largest city in the united states to file for bankruptcy. back to you. time now 6:19, sal is back and we have a crash in contra
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coster county, where is it? >> highway four in bailey road and we will look at the traffic, it doesn't look like anything here. this is highway 4 near willow pass road, bailey is just around the corner. let's take a look at the commute here in oakland, it is a nice looking drive getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza which is not so bad just yet. and in san jose, traffic looks good no problems there and on the peninsular 280 and 101 is off to a nice start. let's go to steve. mid-to-upper 60s, it sure looks good at at&t park. and it is always pretty nice
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down there anyway. take some sun screen down there, i would. high angle sun, san mateo coast, that is about it. patchy fog, sunny and warmer, afternoon sea breeze has been cut in half and as you know we had a windy weekend, warmer pattern for some, most i should say. temperatures upper 40s, we finally took awhile and we checked in with san rafael. it will not take long to warm up, i can see a spin in the atmosphere, and on a regular satellite that will increase the fog. put on the coast still a little breezezy, sunny for most, temperatures coming up, some upper 80s for a few. 70s around the bay, 60s and 70s closer to the coast.
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and again the of a for mentioned forecast for today's game looks great. mid-to-upper 60s on the temperatures. now with the weekend always in view, it will be cooler and inland is cooler, pam? the biggest increase occurred in the commercial aircraft significantment with -- segment and that report is better than what most economists he expected. yahoo is dumping rap so did i. spot few is free but you can pay $10 a mom to hear music on your mobile device. look at this live picture,
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why some guys were giving the clothes on their back. plus, the pilot project that is about to launch and how it is expected to reach more people. good morning, looking at highway 24, lafayette does not look good and the reason is a new crash, i will tell you what happened coming up.
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. the coast guard has called off the search and the 27-year- old man from yellow county was last seen 10:30 monday night. his friends say he did not know how to swim. san francisco police even the coast guard searched and again yesterday morning but the search was called off at 1:00 in the afternoon. we are tracking a devastating storm from tropical storm debbie. we want to show you new video and this was taken at about a little bit ago, coming up at 6:40. we will have a live report where floodwaters have led to dozens of water rescues.
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this is national testing day and everybody is encouraged to find out their status. this is one of seven pharmacies that will offer free anonymous hiv testing. now the program is ready to begin at the end of summer. it is a simple swab of the cheek. now one million people across the u.s. are living with hiv but one in five do not know they are infected. happening right now, come over and take a look, men are dressed in their boxers. blocking the san francisco streets, they are encouraging for men's warehouses 5th annual suit drive. they collect men's and women's
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a tire and if you can't afford the suit, they are at the men's warehouse and you can say hello to those guys, take them a suit if you want to take a look an offer to support this very good cause. way to go. 6:27, i hear nice tie in the studio. very nice tie, it was a nice tie. there is a car fire on 24 near the road and you can see some of the smoke from the car fire still in the air, big traffic jam and in fact we are just going to do this and i am going to follow this back. let's go back to the studio. free access to free clean
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drinking water. and how it could cut down on waste. and what the driver of that truck did when his rig caught fire, we will be right back.
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. welcome back, middle of the week, wednesday june 27th, i am dave clark, time now 6:30, we begin with developing news, that big-rig fire right near a busy freeway, alex savage joins us with the update, alex? well traffic is moving from the off ramp from this big-rig, burst into flames earlier and you can see a tow truck has to tow this rig away and hopefully it will do that.
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this fire broke out around 5:00 this morning and we will show you what it looked like from one of our fixed cameras. witnesses say the flames were huge on the ground. oakland fire moved in and they were able to knock this down in a very short amount of time. thankfully the fire didn't spread but it was a big concern and that will make this fire even more devastating. he was driving up 880 this morning with the load in the back of his truck when smoke started coming from his engine. he jumped off the truck quickly and he described how his dad made it out of the truck unhurt. >> he said he heard a noise and he got off this exit right here to see what was going on because he saw some smoke under the truck. and when he got down, he couldn't even get out.
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he had seen fire all over the truck. >> and that fire was contained to the cab of the truck and the engine. we understand the trailer and it looks as though it is still intact and it is still salvageable. a tow truck has arrived on the scene and that tow truck will be hooking up to the big-rig and towing it out of the way and all the lanes from 880 which will be back open shortly. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> time is now 6:33, police believe it led to that homicide in almost 10 years. they found a 52-year-old woman's body in a home yesterday afternoon. they have not told us her name or how she died but they did recover a weapon near the home.
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a suspect, a 62-year-old man was arrested at the scene and police say they had lived together for at least ten years. a south bay man for beating a priest will likely be acquitted. will lynch will not get what he really wants, confronting reverand jerold linder in open court.$♪ will lynch accuses reverand jerold linder of sexually abusing him although the victim has up investigated his 5th a men -- invoked his 5th amendment right and the judge struck the entire testimony. walker is in san francisco to talk about why it is important to cut down on water bottles. >> reporter: we use so many of these and if you stack them end to end it would go all the way
6:35 am
around the equator. the city wants more of these installed and in fact they are considering an ordinance that would require new construction to install these in their construction projects. now at the city council meeting, the board of supervisors david chu brought up the new construction projects but he explained why it's a good thing. >> hopefully, colleagues we will continue to be on the cutting edge to make sure we are relying and focusing on renewable resources. >> now this is set up so you can fill your water bottle and it has a drinking fountain and it's attached to a dog bowl. now it is sad they had to tester the -- tether the dog
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bowl to make sure nobody takes it. and again the city would like to see more of these to discourage the use of that, it is 1 cents per gallon or a lot more if you are buying it at the airport. oakland police are warning people, be careful of your surroundings. a woman said she went into a public restroom at lakeview park on june 2nd. she said she saw a man inside the restroom, she immediately turned around to leave. a man grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. now the attacker described as african-american had dreadlocks with brown tips and a tattoo on the left side of his neck. the woman also had a jamaicaian
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accent. and in just about 15 minutes from right now, we will tell you about a proposal, putting police at odds with long time supporters. drivers are being warned to stay off the roads in many parts of florida where tropical storm debbie has dropped 20 inches of rain in some areas. they have declared a state of emergency and thousands of homes are under mandatory evacuation orders. they are in florida with a look at the damage, where exactly are you and how does it look there, george? >> pam, we are on the western part of the florida panhandle and you can see what is going on right now. people are dealing with this and this used to be the front yard and now it is a small
6:38 am
lake. it depends and homes are submerged in 15 feet of water. i say neighborhood very loosely and in fact it was like a river, we were on a boat and we go passed home after home and in some cases we only see the rooftops. >> george, tell us about concerns. i know dave lived in florida, the alligators, the snakes, this is dangerous beyond just the water, right? >> that is one of the biggest concerns and people will be waiting for floodwaters to recede and things get washed up from all of this water and snakes and alligators, that is obviously a big concern especially when people go back in, it could take some time, pam. >> you will be safe as well, thank you for the update, sal is watching our commute.
6:39 am
highway 24 is not doing real good, right? >> a car fire in lafayette, right near the exit, you can see well that traffic is not doing well as all. it was quickly put out by the fire department, there was a lot of smoke and the vehicle itself may be on the shoulder. this is also affecting 680 traffic hitting present hill and heading south. a look at the bay bridge, it is light this morning. which is nice if you are trying to get into san francisco, remember there is a giant's game. dodgers and giants go for a sweep and these games are very well attended and if you are thinking muni or bart, they are seeing them on the roads as well. and south and market could be tough in that area. also the commute on the peninsular, 101 and 280 are off
6:40 am
to a good start. let's go to steve. thank you, sunrise, under mostly clear, wake up, it looks like a sunny day, although some fog looks like it will go around the san mateo coast. temperatures inland will start to warm up after beingup ceasebly cool and we had that bigelow sitting there. santa rosa 84 today, 84 in concord, after yesterday's 79 and we will have an even 80 today. and 48 in napa, i don't think they will stay there very long. yesterday at this time, fairfield 49 and they are now 55. sea breeze is almost none existent. a couple of systems rotating down and it will enhance the fog but it is shallow on the
6:41 am
san mateo coast. temperatures you can see 80s starting to wrap back around. 70s around the bay just some patchy fog. a little breezy at times but it is a nice breeze. summer wind, it comes blowing. that's right. 84 sonoma, 86 semolina, we have not heard from the tourists, 86 fairfield and pittsburgh and walnut creek. 80s for santa clara, lost got 82 and 80 for woodside redwood city, looks like a by the full day -- beautiful day at at&t park. temperatures should be in the 80s nothing we have not dealt with before and we will have a slight warmup on sunday.
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here is a quick remind der, you can get the ktvu channel 2 morning news to go, just click on the icon and watch us live and stay cooked any time -- connected any time anywhere. the real life example and dangers of illegal fireworks. firefighters in california gear up for a very busy fire season and we will tell you what colorado and cal fire both have in common coming up. traffic is very busy as you drive towards silicone valley and we will tell you more about the bay area weather and commute. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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. police are searching for a gunman with an salt weapon. it was a driveby shooting at 10:00 at 82nd 82nd street. a big-rig burst into flames in oakland near the market street off ramp. luckily no injuries were
6:46 am
reported, traffic is moving all over again. alex savage is out there and he actually spoke to that big-rig driver and we will give a report at the top of the hour. the city of stockton is expected to do the unthinkable. file for bankruptcy protection. they voted in favor of the bankruptcy filing and stockton will be the largest city ever to file for bankruptcy. that is new video of a fireworks display. they caught fire over the weekend, nobody was hurt but the explosions went on for 40 minutes. they think a spark plug set off the explosion and the owner is now facing criminal charges.
6:47 am
they are trying to get control of a major wildfire. 32,000 residents were forced to evacuate yesterday. it jumped the containment line. dozens of homes have burned since saturday when the fire broke out and the record- breaking heat makes it almost impossible to fight. well colorado fighter is a reminder of california's own upcoming fire season. the fire will come from both the ground and in the air. live from santa rosa, tara? >> reporter: the person who sits in the front coordinates and the person who sits in my seat drops and cords fire --
6:48 am
coordinates fire retardant. they ploy a lot -- employ a lot of the same tactics and they are no strangers to fighting fires themselves. they now cover 10 square miles and some describe it as the worst movie set you can imagine. firefighters here say it is difficult to predict how difficult a fire season will be. >> they started out busier this fire season. you may have seen that where fires were starting. based upon the rain fall, we were where the historical averages were. so the fuels being dryer, they are more readily available to burn. >> they were used to fight fires as well as the lockheed fire. and then two years ago the fires in the santa cruz mountains and if we come back here live, they have all of their equipment out on the tarmac, 2 thankers, an air
6:49 am
truck, a bulldozer, just to give you an idea of what it takes to fight these fires. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> a hot debate in oakland, a plan to oversee the oakland police department, but the tribune reports a citizen run police commission and it will have the power to make department policy and review investigations. >> supporters include long time critics and backers and the commission could keep a judge under federal control. however the police union has already started making reforms. >> 6:49 let's go back over to sal. busy on contra coster county, exit 4 is becoming a little bit more normal and i want to show you how this will
6:50 am
have an effect. this is the button i wanted to press. a little slow down from pleasant hill. you can see the sensors and especially the western contra coster county, when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it is light so far. and the traffic still looks good, it is getting a little bit busier coming around the corner as you can see 85 and 101 are also getting slower into sunny veil. let's go to steve. mostly clear, just a few patches of some low clouds, mainly san mateo coasts, inland bayside, it is generally clear, high pressure is knowed in, -- nosed in and we see a lot more in the interior, napa all the way down towards santa clara,
6:51 am
nothing compared to the last couple of mornings where we had a lot of 40s. it is beginning to enhance the fog but starting tomorrow by the coast it will. a little breeze, but it is a sea breeze but not that strong. 60s and 70s coast and bay and a few upper 80s away from any fog influence and it definitely cools down and does look like a jump since sunday. san francisco, google conference opens up and the mountain view company is expected to open up on key products including chrome browsers. there are also reports they plan to reveal their own computer and at least one analyst said it will reveal something that will make it compatible with other
6:52 am
computers. they are ordered to stop selling claiming samsung illegally copied the ipad. a final decision is expected soon. getting ready in london, we will show you new video marking the fact that in one month the olympics will begin. plus an update a little girl was injured by a shark while vacationing.
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. durable goods orders are up better than expected. dolphins are usually known as friendly animals but there is one dolphin in louisiana which may be the exception reportedly has bitten several people in the past year main lay talking if you -- mainly attacking if you get too close. they are wondering what the problem is with the dolphin and now the beach is closed because of an attack by a shark that left a girl from livermore injured. it happened off a busy beach and sage st. claire was playing
6:56 am
in the water at the resort with her sisters and father when she was reportedly bitten or attacked by a black tip shark. she has a 4 to 5-inch gash on her leg. her mother said she is doing well and actually spoke to us by phone. >> my husband said they came back and my daughter felt the bite and they all started screaming and running out of the water. she got out and said something bit me and i looked at her leg and she had a pretty good gash. >> they saw a shark the night before. warnings signs were posted on the beach. new video out of london, 5 huge olympic rings marking one months before the olympic games. the city is on target to have all of the temporary venues
6:57 am
completed, it starts july 27th and ends august 12th. well 50 young singers will perform at the summer olympics. no auditions to join the choir which rehearses in venetia. children ages 5 to 18 in 35 different cultures, now they have learned that they have been invited to perform at the summer olympics in london. she also performed at the white house and in south africa. now more information about the choir's trip, just look for the web link section on things are getting a little bit more crowded on parts of the freeways. walnut creek, look at all the
6:58 am
slow traffic, there was actually a car fire so slowed traffic on 280 and 84 and we will have more coming up on mornings on 2, let's go to steve. sunny and warm, temperatures coming up, 60s by the coast, there is no offshore breeze, mid-80s to upper 80s inland. we have a story we have been following. also a danville mother and father died in a tragic crash -- mother and daughter die in a tragic crash. stay right here with us.
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